The Artwork for 100 Snow White Horses

I am thrilled to share the album artwork for my upcoming album 100 Snow White Horses with you all. The photo for this cover was taken by one of my all time heroes Brian Eno – I know like, Eno! The image was then worked into the album cover by the incredibly talented Mushroom Designs.
Let’s go back to 2018…I am walking in Hyde Park in London with my friend and producer John Reynolds and his friend Brian Eno, the great artist and musician, on the daily morning walk with the dogs. “I’m calling the album 100 Snow White Horses” I say. “How lovely” says Brian. “Thank you!” I say “Some artwork arrived today, and it shows one white horse.” “Maybe you shouldn’t be so literal” suggests Brian, “Stand there and take a picture of your shadow” he says indicating a sunny grassy patch all covered in daisies. “Send it to me and I’ll workshop it.” A few weeks later this incredible artwork arrives from Eno, one of the greatest artists of our time. I am transported back to my friend’s house and I am 20 years old and a bass player in a rock band and we are listening to an album called ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’ by Brian Eno and David Byrne. This album blows my 20 year old mind. It’s not Rock and Roll, it’s art. And here I am walking with Brian in London and he’s just designed my album cover. I have gone through the looking glass and I’m walking in the bush of ghosts with Eno and John in Hyde Park, London.
Pre-order your copy of 100 Snow White Horses on CD or Vinyl from my shop here.

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