In Another Light – Out Now

Renowned Irish songwriter, John Spillane, is set to release his latest album, In Another Light, recorded live with Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra on October 14, 2022. The live album includes performances by John Spillane and Pauline Scanlon with the Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra and conducted by John O’Brien and orchestrated by Kevin Codd. In Another Light is […]

My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams – Behind the Work

John Spillane My Dark Rosaleen and THe Island of Dreams ALbum Cover

My Dark Rosaleen and the Island of Dreams was an album that I released on the EMI label in the spring of 2008. It was in a way a fore-runner to the album I will be releasing this year called 100 Snow White Horses in that the album was dedicated to my mother Mary who […]

New Single ‘We Come In The Wind’ Out Today

My first single ‘We Come In The Wind’ from my forthcoming album ‘100 Snow White Horses’ is out today! I got a great thrill when I heard my new single premiered on Simply Folk with Ruth Smith last Sunday. Recorded and produced by John Reynolds in London and featuring the gossamer vocals of Pauline Scanlon […]

The Artwork for 100 Snow White Horses

I am thrilled to share the album artwork for my upcoming album 100 Snow White Horses with you all. The photo for this cover was taken by one of my all time heroes Brian Eno – I know like, Eno! The image was then worked into the album cover by the incredibly talented Mushroom Designs. […]

Hey Dreamer – The Dream Behind the Work

Hey dreamer Album Cover

Hey Dreamer was an album I released on EMI Records Ireland in 2005. It was my third solo album and the second on the EMI label following on from ‘Will We Be Brilliant Or What?’ in 2002. Yes lads I was on a roll and had the ammunition to make another deadly album with a […]

A Song about Crowley’s Music Shop


CROWLEYS MUSIC SHOP – How I went back to write the song. So I’ve just written a song called Crowleys Music Shop. It took me 7 days to write it and Sheena Crowley has asked me to describe those 7 days during which I flew out the window and landed back in the past and […]

The Wells of the World – Looking Back

Cover art for the wells of the world

THE WELLS OF THE WORLD Ahead of my upcoming live gig with DeBarra’s Clonakilty  featuring all the songs from The Wells of the World, I’ve been contemplating on the creation of this album. This was my first solo album and was launched by Philip King in September 1997 in the Lobby Bar in Cork. That […]

Commissions – My Works of Passion

John Spillane Studio

Recently with gigs being off, I have found myself writing a lot of commission pieces. It’s been a really lovely and humbling challenge. Running with an idea and making a piece of art out of it is something I get great pleasure out of. I believe that you can find beauty in just about anything. […]

A Blast from the Past

Social media really is a funny thing sometimes! Recently, photographer Marc O’ Sullivan tagged me on instagram with these old photos, I got in contact with him and sent them on. It’s me 22 years ago with my first solo album The Wells Of The World. I was 36 years old when I released my […]

100 Snow White Horses

100 Snow White Horses is a new album from John Spillane due for independent release at the end of 2020. Inspired by his travels around Ireland, these new songs are full of poetry, Irish mythology and wonder. 100 Snow White Horses is John’s first independent album in 20 years. Recorded in London with producer John Reynolds and singer […]